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“Jewelry Matchmaker”

Exquisite, Elegant, & Enchanting Jewelry Designs, that are made, or matched, to YOU.

Do you allow yourself to live your life, acknowledging and celebrating your true beauty, the beauty you were born with? It’s the combination of inner beauty, and essence of who you are. Or does the mirror or scale overrule it?

At Mariska’s Designs, when we create jewelry, it is infused with intention, prayers, and blessings of loving and empowering energy. Our goal is to remind you with jewelry, that you are, and have all the beauty you already need, just let it come out and play, and live a beautiful life.  Think back to those times when you were preparing for a specific date or event, and when you were finished, and walking out the door, you knew, and felt your own beauty. We want you to experience that Every Day!

Do you love those one of a kind, something no one else will have, designs? Do you buy jewelry that adds the touch of unique distinction you love?

We make that kind of jewelry!

The kind of jewelry that makes you feel like you are a crown jewel placed upon the right hand of God!

The kind of jewelry that “wears you”.

The kind of jewelry that Adorns your body, Captivates your mind, and Enchants your Spirit.

The kind of jewelry that lets you play in “Little Girl Pretty”, “Big Girl Bling”, or “Clothing Optional”!!!!!

We have handmade anklets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sets, watches, and Medical ID & Alert Jewelry, and many more jewelry designs, made to match you, and who you are, or want to be?

We are happy to create a special piece of jewelry to celebrate a special occasion, to commemorate an important event, to treat yourself or someone special.  Use the Special Order form to tell us something about your new creation and what you want it to look like.

To learn more about Mariska and our jewelry creations, visit the  About Us page or Contact Us with any questions you may have.

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What Happy Clients have to say . . . . . . . . .

“My shell earrings are great and good for day time, my crystal bead earrings are beautiful!”
From -  Jeri



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